Welcome to Open Bank Advisors!

Four decades of watching commercial online banking evolve, propelled forward by emerging technologies and advanced communications, lead me to a simple conclusion: the single greatest challenge we face as an industry is harnessing new horizontal technologies to create high-value vertical solutions. A successful journey begins with a business model and a compelling customer value proposition. As basic as that sounds, many innovation projects fail due to the absence of a new or modified business plan.

API Banking, the first step on the path to open banking, is not “just another channel”. Rather, it represents a dramatic change in the way data and transactions are accessed and integrated into larger financial ecosystems.

Open Bank Advisors can enable any size financial institution plan for, and navigate, this exciting new phase of digital banking.

Published by Joe Spatarella

Joe Spatarella is a successful entrepreneur with more than 40 years of experience in FinTech. Joe has been at the forefront of successful new digital banking strategies and products. He has a proven track record of leveraging emerging technologies and developing successful go-to-market strategies for financial institutions. He has a multi-dimensional view of the business with a thorough understanding of sales, marketing, product, operations and technology components, along with the ability to communicate issues and opportunities with a clear, concise and forward-looking perspective.

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