Open Bank Advisors Services

Digital transformation

It has been a natural progression from the origins of balance and transaction reporting and payment initiation to open banking today, continually driven by technology and innovation:

1970’s – 1980’sBalance and Transaction Reporting / Home banking
1990’sOnline Banking
2000’sWeb Banking
2010 to 2020Digital Banking
2020 to 2022Remote Banking
TodayOpen Banking

While the internet era of web banking introduced a friendly user interface that created greater adoption levels, it is back-office and core integration and the advancement of interface tools and technologies that enable true digital transformation. 

Digital business strategy drives digital transformation by identifying projects that engage customers, integrate bank and business processes, streamline operations and support thereby improving products and services.

Open Bank Advisors works with both financial institutions and Fintechs to identify and align digital technologies with business strategies and objectives with the following services:

ProductDevelop / review / revise product strategy and roadmap
 Identify key tools and solutions
 Business case development
 Create “ideal” vertical solutions
 Digital services packaging, positioning, and pricing
CustomerIdentify customer information sources and opportunities to streamline client integration
 Project adoption rate by customer segment
 Develop solution value proposition
 Assess digital service impact
 Develop conversion and migration plans
Sales Assess Treasury sales organization, resources, and performance
 Leverage CRM and sales management tools
 Implement value-based selling strategies for technology solutions
 Plan go-to-market strategies and tactics
Fintech / VendorBusiness development and partnership planning
 Develop product strategy and roadmap
 Develop deal structure and operating model
 Performance tracking
  Act as vendor liaison
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